Add a Touch of Luxe to Your Yard

Add a Touch of Luxe to Your Yard

Build beautiful arbors and pergolas in San Jose, CA

Give your backyard landscape a boost with the addition of a custom pergola or arbor. The talented team at Cuevas Lumber & Fence builds arbors and pergolas between 2’ and 6’ wide. Contact Cuevas Lumber & Fence to start planning your yard’s new focal point.

3 benefits of an arbor in your yard

Installing a pergola or arbor in your yard can be a great way to add some dimension and beauty to your landscape. Here are three of the top benefits they can bring to your home:

1. Arbors and pergolas provide a place for vines to grow beautifully without disrupting other plants.
2. They add beautiful focal points to your landscape.
3. They can be customized to fit your personal style and aesthetic.

We’ll also paint, seal and stain your new arbor or pergola. What are you waiting for? Call 408-224-5660 today to start planning your landscape upgrades in San Jose, CA.